City Fitness: Social Brand / Art Direction

Project Name: City Fitness: Social Brand / Art Direction
Offerings: Art Direction, Project Management, Production, Influencer Marketing, Digital Strategy, Social Advertising, Creative: Photography, Video, Graphic Design

The Challenge
City Fitness, Philadelphia-based Fitness club originally opened its doors in 2007 and had grown it’s membership by the thousands its first five years in business. In 2016, our challenge was to reset the brand’s relationship with Philadelphia, it’s membership and the various fitness communities in the sixth largest city in the Nation.

The Tactics
At the core of our strategies and tactics is always community, “How might we engage Philadelphia community with imagination and empathy?” We partnered with brand-aligned local fitness enthusiasts for our first campaign, leveraged those relationships and minds to create marketing impact and gather insights from the digital influencer communities. Leading with this fundamental in our process we activated over a dozen campaigns for the various communities patronizing the clubs and the city of Philadelphia at large.

The Work
Social Brand / Art Direction
Evergreen Campaign
General Brand Photography: City of Philadelphia, Club photos, Active fitness photography.

The Results: We maximized the creative on the Instagram feeds and marketing collateral. The Instagram channel grew over 225% from 2016-2017.

PSL Campaign
Campaign-based photography: The client challenged us with supporting the awareness and consideration portion of the sales funnel and ideating a creative concept around Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

The Results: We conceived and executed a fall-filled photoshoot in one of the clubs which supported delivering 162% of their lead-generation goal. It was the clubs most successful sales month in company history.

Vintage Summer

Campaign-based photography and video production: The client challenged us to shift our evergreen creative and strategy for Spring into Summer

The Results: We concepted and executed fitness video from with 80s vibes and aesthetics. The campaign challenged the evergreen norms and gave the users something new and fun to engage on social media. We met and surpassed lead generation goals.

March Madness
Campaign-based photography and creative: Our client challenged us to maximize our awareness during March Madness with a flash deal. Our objective was to create a campaign with a March Madness theme.

The Results: We designed branded basketball jerseys and took to the court, and additionally ran with the “Draft day” narrative created a more approachable asset to deploy on social of everyday consumers getting “drafted” into a City Fitness membership.

Break The Routine
Campaign-based photography: Our client challenged us to develop a none-New Years, New Year’s campaign to activate across social and direct mail.

The Results: We designed a campaign around breaking 2017 habits, literally — in some cases.


Pumpkin Spice Latte campaign

Vintage Summer

March Madness

Break The Routine