10 Year Anniversary x Logan Square

Launch Campaign

Offerings: Art Direction, Project Management, Production, Influencer Marketing, Digital Strategy, Social Advertising, Creative: Photography, Video, Graphic Design

The Challenge
City Fitness, Philadelphia-based Fitness club originally opened its doors in 2007 and had grown it’s membership by the thousands its first five years in business. In the tenth year, they wanted to commemorate the experience by launching their sixth club and deploying a 10 Year Anniversary for the staff, trainers, key stakeholders, fitness community and the entire city to be a part of. Our challenge was to launch a new club and integrate the 10 Year Anniversary into the campaign narrative.

The Tactics
We developed a campaign rooted in gratitude. We empowered the CEO to speak directly to the Philadelphia’s communities’ hearts with a letter of gratitude. The letter was designed and distributed through a print ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer. On the same day, we activated a video across social of the CEO orating the letter with a vignette of him, the clubs, the city and the brand interwoven in the visuals. Lastly, on the day of the 10 Year Anniversary, we threw a red carpet event at the brand’s newest club, Logan square.

During the 10 Year Anniversary campaign, we launched their City Fitness’ sixth club. We capped off both campaigns with a night of festivities. The team ideated and executed,”A Night at City Fitness,” an immersive, live-workout exhibition, too. Exhibitors began for their one-way trip to the roof of the building for the 10 Year anniversary party.

The Work

    • 10 Year red carpet event
    • Video spots
      • Logan Square
      • 10 Year ad
    • Influencer campaign
    • Newspaper Ad

The Influencer Creative

The Event Recap

The Social Spots