Fitler Club: Offsite Promotional Spot

Offerings: Production, Creative: Video production

The Challenge
In 2018, Fitler Club announced it’s 2019 launch date to help build brand awareness and grow charter memberships. Palette Group was tapped to produce a video series depicting the vision of the private lifestyle club’s office spaces – with no physical space.

The Tactics

Fitler Club’s aesthetics and design taste will inspire you and the community will support and transform your vision for the future. The club’s offices are made for you to put your head down and grind it out and connect with next-door opening community members.

We’ll take our viewers through the club’s current raw construction site directly into the upcoming member’s professions and the community as a whole

The Team

Creative Director, Executive Producer: Nate Nichols

Producer: Steffi B.

Assistant Director/ Producer: Edem K.

Director of Photography, Editor: Danny G.

Hair / Make-up: Bethany B.

Set Designer: Liz B.

Styling: Yoko

Production Assistant: Stavros S.